A Charge to Keep I have…

Today is a special day in my life and ministry. I want to pay homage to our God for His keeping grace and guiding Spirit in this my 54th year as a Gospel preacher. I heeded the call to preach at the early age of 17 while in my senior year in high school. I shall never forget that Friday night, October 16, 1964 when I preached my initial sermon in the weekly prayer meeting of my home church – the Enon Baptist Church of Baltimore, Maryland. When I think back to that moment, I am yet greatly humbled by the fact that the Lord laid his hands upon me and anointed me to preach His glorious Gospel. I did not feel worthy then and I do not feel worthy now. However, by the grace of Jesus Christ, I have sought to honor Him and make full proof of my ministry which now spans over a half century.

I pause to thank God because his journey is marked by the presence and the power of God who has kept me across these many years. I am especially grateful to God for He has sustained me across these latter years when I have had to face very serious health challenges. When I consider that this last illness I faced had the capacity to kill me. It was only the Lord who spared me! I owe Him everything! I have always been committed to the sacred task of ministry, but I am now, more than ever, determined to live and preach for Christ who has given me the “life and that more abundantly.”

Thank you to the Mt. Olivet for the blessing of allowing me to be your undershepherd for 40 years. You are precious to me and I continue to solicit your prayers in the days to come. The words of Charles Wesley yet encourage me –

“A charge to keep I have,
A God to glorify,
Who gave His Sone my soul to save,
And fit it for the sky.”