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  1. Welcome to the Legacy Project! Our first discussion is a continuous conversation all preachers should have. Why are we slack in preaching when it comes to the doctrines of the faith?

  2. The autumn leaves are following and there is the hint of fall in the air. These realities remind us that the doors of our institutions of higher learning are once again open as students return from their summer hiatus to again satisfy their hunger for study and learning. I can never stress enough the importance of education – both secular and sacred. It was Bishop Daniel Payne of the AME church who declared more than a century ago that “the only thing that separates the oppressed from the oppressor.” Education is indispensable in the fast and every changing error of technology. Once upon a time it was thought that a high school diploma was sufficient for getting employment. No longer true! A college degree today is simply an entry-level requirement as one pursues a career or profession.

    Whether we seek blue or white collar employment there must be preparation. We as Christians are mandated to be students of the secular as well as the sacred. We live in the real world and while we are, as Augustine wrote, “resident aliens”. It is God’s design that we function in this realm with knowledge and understanding. It is from the lips of the savior that these words come – “take my yoke upon you and learn of me…for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:29-30).

    May this fall season unfold the beauty and excitement of learning in ways never before imagined. God bless!

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